Hilltop is not just a company; it is a LEGACY.

The Hilltop name comes from a once beloved floral business established in Zanesville Ohio. Growing up in the shadows a family-owned business exposed me to the ins and outs of running a business, work ethic, customer service, providing a quality product, craftsmanship, commitment to service, commitment to community, and much more. Hilltop is not just a name it is FAITH, FAMILY, a CODE of ETHICS, it is a LIFESTYLE. Putting on the Hilltop name is putting on the history, the fight, the struggles, the victories, and the losses. Hilltop is not just a company; it is a LEGACY. A legacy that was passed down from generations before and that will be passed on to future generations.

From a young age on the family farm a love for equipment and excavating was born. Taking care of the land and creating solutions to situations that would arise became a passion. For over 20 years that passion has been expanded to other disciplines in the construction industry. Every experience brought a deeper hunger to learn more and to expand that knowledge to the other sides of projects being done both commercial and residential. Growing up with my parents and grandparents who both owned floral businesses and greenhouses, a love of growing and planting was instilled early. Naturally, a pristine landscape and a well-manicured yard came second nature and expected. That expanded into patio’s, decks, walk-ways, retaining walls, and more. As the years have gone by, growing into excavating, grading, drainage, concrete, and asphalt. Never shying away from a challenge or opportunity has allowed me to grow the skills and knowledge to take on any size project.

What to expect

When you call on Hilltop Lawn & Landscape, you can expect to receive the very best in workmanship and expert knowledge.You can rely on us to always show up on time, as we know how frustrating it is waiting around all day for a tradesman.

Our team

The team at Hilltop Lawn & Landscape is made up of skilled head office staff, as well as our qualified servicemen, the best in the field.Each team member is fully trained and is dedicated to the Beautiful lawn’s mowing service’s ethical business system.

Our aim
  • Provide a high standard of presentation and quality of service
  • Be reliable and responsive to customer needs
  • Provide affordable and competitive service rates
  • Exceed customer expectations in workmanship and conduct


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Our Mission

The Hilltop Family believes that the landscape industry has suffered due to the lack of quality landscapers. Production and the bottom line have taken priority over quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. We believe “It’s not done until it’s Hilltop Right.” This means attention to detail and accountability at every level are of the utmost importance. The Hilltop Family believes in the highest level of customer service and feels that everyone deserves to contract a professional in their industry. Therefore, we will conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times in company uniform.

Our Vision

Hilltop Lawn & Landscape is a simple company that intends to introduce an interactive approach to the experience that wants our customers to feel like part of our family. Through higher expectations, we will see better results than the rest. Through stronger public relations, we will expand, allowing promotional opportunities to all who strive to achieve. Remember: “Deeds are measured in quality not quantity!”

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