Flower Bed Edging

This service will take place once at the beginning of the season and maintained throughout the season. In some cases, a second edging may be necessary to maintain clean edges later in the season. So don’t ignore the little things when it comes to your lawn this season. Get a quote for turf edging today, and you’ll be one step closer to having a lawn you can truly enjoy.

Why Edge Landscape Beds?

Edging your landscape beds has several benefits.

The functional reason behind cutting in a nice, deep, defined edge on your flower beds is to retain the mulch. After any kind of decent rainfall, the water will attempt to carry your mulch right out of your beds and into your lawn. This becomes very unsightly, very fast!

The other reason to define your bed edges because it looks so good! If you are ready to take your landscaping to a completely new level this season, Hilltop Lawn & Landscape is here to do the heavy lifting and manual labor for you.

After your beds are edged, we are also happy to deliver and install mulch!

  • Once Per Season
  • Spring Service
  • Landscape Edging
  • Flower Bed Edging
  • Concrete Border Edging
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