Grading & Trenching

In Ohio, April Showers Bring - Flooding

Native Ohioans are well aware of the fickle nature of weather in the area. From the downpours of spring, to the droughts of summer, and everything in between, our local weather plays havoc on property. From flooded lawns (where constant downpours have drowned out new grass year after year), to cracked soil from dry weather that allows a sudden downpour to follow the deep soil cracks straight to foundations, causing flooded basements, mold and mildew damage in and outside homes.

More serious drainage issues occur during the many flash-flooding bouts that strike Ohio bringing inches upon inches of rainfall onto a vulnerably low property. With no place for rainwater to go but where gravity beckons, serious property damage is almost certain for the lowling property on the block.


Fortunately, there is a solution. We are well-versed in rainwater redirection. From changing grades to move rainfall away from foundations, to French drains, dry creek beds, and other water-taming solutions, we have the know-how, the equipment, and the team of professionals that can turn your worst nightmares into pleasant dreams.

Whether it be a stone block retaining wall that changes elevations, and doubles as a seating area, or a lovely rock garden, that funnels rainwater to storm drains and lower ground, or even an underground drainage system that moves rainwater from one end of your property to another, we are sure to have a solution that takes the fear out of wet weather forecasts.

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